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Day 6: Inventory

Day10_clothesNow for the hard part. I removed every piece of clothing from my closet that is too small for me and took inventory. That was rough, I have to admit. It filled up two storage bins! And there it will remain until it all fits again. So for everyone who has very kindly made sure I am not being too hard on myself, thank you, but hopefully this demonstrates that the issue is not a matter of losing weight to be happier. I am about as happy as a person can be already. I have a much more practical problem at the moment. I can’t wear my clothes.

DSCN237410 swimming suits
10 pairs of board shorts
8 pairs of jeans
7 pairs of capris
7 pairs of exercise shorts
5 pairs of pants
5 pairs of athletic pants
24 undergarments (not shown)

Thank you to my cat Buddy for photobombing the side view of my clothing stacks.

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Day 5: The Tortoise

Day11_woman-runningI ran for the first time in months this morning. It was on a treadmill which was really boring. I would so much rather run outside. I barely finished 3.5 miles in 37:40, about 10:45 per mile. That is a long way from the goal of 7:30s. I should have no trouble getting back close to 8:00s if I run consistently. The really tough part will be pushing through to 7:30 per mile at altitude.

Day11_weighin1WEEKLY WEIGH-IN:
Last week: 157
This week: 152
Start:  157
Goal: 137

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