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Day 43: Happy 60th, Mom

Day49_HappyBdayMomOf all the things I have written about, the page I wrote about my Mom has received the most hits on this site by almost double. She would be happy to know how many people were interested to know more about her and that she will never be forgotten. Today would be her 60th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! That makes it the perfect day to go to Grandma’s for dinner after work. Grandma always thinks it must be a hassle for me to come over to her house and that I do it just to be nice and keep her company. But in reality she is very entertaining and a delicious cook. I always look forward going over there. Many happy memories at Grandma’s house. I just need to be careful not to get into her candy cabinet. She’s got M&Ms in there, I just know it.

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