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Day 44: Grandma’s for dinner

Day50_DinnerAtGrandmas Well, I took last night off from healthy eating. Grandma did not disappoint. Last night it was Chicken Cacciatore over delicious pasta with yummy garlic bread. Mmmmm. I took that picture with a cell phone. It does not do it justice. The chicken recipe itself will be a great addition to the health food diet. It was the garlic bread that did me in. But it was sooo good. I was right, too. She did have M&Ms in the cabinet. I managed not to go near those. I also resisted the toffee in the refrigerator. Butter infused sugar covered in chocolate, my favorite. Not just any toffee either. It was Enstrom’s, the Lexus of toffee. I didn’t touch it. However, despite my best efforts, I just cannot say no to Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. I caved. It was so worth it. No guilt. Today is another day.

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