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Day 73: Queen of the Beach

Day79_indoor-sand-volleyball-court Start Date of Body For Life Challenge: January 7
Days Left: 12

Today I will play in my second Queen of the Beach Volleyball Tournament this year. I am excited. There is nothing like being able to play at an indoor beach in your shorts and a tank top when it is 32 degrees outside. Plus, I am in so much better shape than I was last time. I am moving faster, jumping higher, and hitting harder than I have in a long time. The tricky part is that what people are capable of and how they actually perform can be two very different things. We will have to see how it goes today. I will have an update this afternoon.

UPDATE: 24 girls played this morning. We are put in groups of 4 and play one game with each person in that group. If you win you go up. If you lose you go down. In my first round I played horrid and barely broke out of the bottom. I went into my second round ranked 4th of the 4. I turned it around though and ended up 1st in that group and then again took 1st in my final group with a fairly high points total. So I should end up somewhere around 9th of 24. Not too bad!

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