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People are so interesting…

teacherMy friends at work have had many discussions about how amazing it is that you can work with someone every day for years have no idea that she is secretly a trapeze dance artist (a real example of a former co-worker). You may see people every day in just one setting and never know the interesting things they do or want to do. One minute you are chatting about the weather and the next minute they tell you they have to go out to the ranch to feed their buffalo (another real example).

It is for this reason I am finally taking an interest in other blogs. People can be so creative and interesting and fascinating and their lives so different from each other. Over there on the right I just added links to the very few blogs I currently read but I am hoping to add more. I follow the blog from the Flatirons CrossFit blog since our daily workouts are posted. The Paleo-Zone blog is from another guy at our gym named Steve who posts amazing Paleo recipes. And of course Todd always has interesting things to post.

If you get a chance you must check out KnitFit. It is truly unique. A very dedicated CrossFitter named Amy from our gym also really likes to knit and has combined the two interests (plus others) into one blog. The whole concept of the blog is a reminder of how multifaceted people can be. In many of her posts she will discuss an interesting knitting pattern and then go straight into what it felt like to do 100 kipping pull ups in today’s workout. Fascinating.

That picture is of a professor at the University of Mexico, by the way. Wouldn’t the world be boring if everyone was the same? 

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