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Highlight of my day

You know it is time for a vacation when the highlight of your day is working out. CrossFit makes it a little different since every workout you survive is a major accomplishment.

Take yesterday morning’s workout for example: 20 push jerks at 120# and 40 burpees for time. The most I have push jerked as a 1 rep max is 130. That means I had to do over 92% of my former 1 rep max 20 times. About halfway through I started failing and dumping the bar behind me. I had to forget about the clock and concentrate on just surviving one rep at a time. Getting through that was a major accomplishment for me so of course it is ONE highlight of the day.

But the ONLY one? Sad. We tried to set aside Wednesday nights as a date night. Last night we ate dinner at Qdoba and spent the better part of the evening at Home Depot. And yes I also went to Bed Bath and Beyond.

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