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News from the mother of my sponsored kid

Days left to CrossFit Games: 30

I just received a letter from the mother of the kid I sponsor in Honduras. She’s pregnant! That will make four kids! The first thought that involuntarily crossed my mind was why would she sound so excited about having another child when she cannot support the ones she has. The second thought was guilt for being judgmental. For one thing they cannot afford birth control. For the same monthly price they could feed a whole second family anyway. Even if they could afford it they probably would not use it. Families are very Catholic down there. It is likely she believes that when God wants them to stop having children He will make it so.

Now that I got passed all those thoughts I am soooo excited! I really hope they have a healthy baby. I am also keeping my fingers crossed that Alex and his two brothers will finally get a little sister! The minute a trip based in his town is scheduled I am signing up to go back. I really hope it is next year.

Yesterday’s workout:

5 x 3 Jerks @ 80% of 1 rep max

5:00 of kettle bell snatches with 35lbs
Reps result: 121

I didn’t bother with 80% of my known max on the jerks. The most I had even attempted until yesterday was 120# but we had to do that 45 times during one of our workouts. For me it was 1 painful rep at a time. So to do sets of three I started with 110#. By the last two sets I was at 125#, technically 105% of my previously known max. Even though I failed the last rep I didn’t feel bad. I worked as hard as I possibly could have and that is what makes a successful workout.

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