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Less Than Great

trailmix Workout? Great. Diet?… Meh. I ate all the right stuff except for one major indulgence. Last week in a moment of weakness I bought some trail mix from Whole Foods called ‘Chocolate Stampede’ that contains a bunch of milk chocolate disks and some white chocolate chips. Let’s just say after I got done with it today it is now just plain ‘Stampede’. The workout, however, was awesome. A solid 20 minutes of nearly unbearable suffering:

Round 1:  1 pull up, 1 burpee, 1 box jump, 1 dead lift @ 85% of your max
Round 2:  2 pull ups, 2 burpees, 2 box jumps, 1 dead lift
Round 3:  3 pull ups, 3 burpees, 3 box jumps, 1 dead lift
Round 4….

…continue adding a rep to those exercises every round for 20 minutes. I completed 13 rounds. Ouch! After we recovered a bit someone turned to me and said, “That was a great workout. I never want to do that again.”

I taught my first skills class tonight! Back squat and overhead squat. The two guys were great and made it really easy. I am really looking forward to being a trainer.

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After Photos: Round 2

karensbackIn other news, I emailed an update to Body For Life on what I have been up to since March. They recommended I go in for a second set of after photos now that 6 months have passed since I finished the challenge. With so many people to judge, anything I can do to stand out a little should at least help a little and I really want to give myself the best chance I can.

So I scheduled the date of the second photo shoot for one month from today, October 13th. I now have 30 days to trim off any remaining roughness around the edges. I don’t have as much to worry about as I did the first time around but I still don’t want to slack off. Despite popular belief I am fairly terrible about following a health food diet. I indulge on a pretty regular basis.

I also dislike getting my pictures taken. I have a hard time standing still for that long. But I am really excited about working with that fitness photographer again. The guy knows what he is doing. He just finished doing the calendar for the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders! Anyway, I figured reminding those people about me a little bit closer to January when they pick the winners would be a good idea. I definitely did not do it for the prize money but I still can’t help being motivated by imagining what I would do with an extra 10 or 25 grand in my pocket. First on the list would be to sponsor another kid.

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