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Earn Your Turkey Challenge

turkey In the more immediate future I am competing in the Earn Your Turkey Challenge being put on at MBS on November 20th. It is really going to put our fitness to the test. First, challengers will run a 5k. Next we will do a CrossFit Total, three chances for a one rep max on squat, press, and deadlift. And finally we will do a timed workout. I wish I felt better prepared but I guess I will just do my best and end up where I end up.

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So much to work on. So little time.

I have so many things to work on to have the slightest chance of being competitive with those top CrossFit girls in Colorado at Sectionals this coming year. It is overwhelming. I plan to spend 10-15 minutes on a skill after every workout. I am very bad at many things but for now I am going to concentrate on what I currently cannot do at all. I want to conquer these by the end of the year:

Muscle Up –> Current = 0. Goal = 1.
Pistols –> Current = 0. Goal = 2 each leg.
Handstand Push Ups –> Current = 0. Goal = 3 (no kip, no mat)*.
Chest-To-Bar Pull Ups –> Current = 3. Goal = 3 sets of 6.
Toes-To-Bar –> Current = 5. Goal = 3 sets of 10.

*Last night I did my very first handstand push up with an AbMat on the ground. It was the first time I haven’t had to stack up a bunch of plates. When I took away the mat away I could not do one so I still have about and inch or two to go before I get my first ever. I also learned how to do them with a kip which (kicking my feet) which should allow me to do more during workouts. Thanks you guys from MBS that helped me after class!

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Racing Go Karts

DSC00086Last night we had dinner at Quaker Steak and Lube. It reminded me of Hard Rock Cafe a little. This is not a place to go for health food but… gotta live a little, right? Those things in the photo are giant pitchers. They fill them with beer, pressurize and tap them, and bring them to your table. They stand about 3 feet tall! racing

After dinner Todd took me to Unser Racing to race some serious go karts. These aren’t kiddie carts. They go up to 50 miles an hour! You could never get that fast on a 1500 foot 9 corner track but you can definitely feel their power. The place was a little intimidating at first. People get memberships and join leagues and stuff. There was an actual competition going on while we were there. You have 7 minutes to get your fastest lap (between 12 and 15 laps). Fasted single lap wins.

Once we got on the track it didn’t feel so serious. After the first couple laps I got pretty comfortable whipping and sliding around those corners. Total blast. I couldn’t stop laughing. At the end one of the employees asked “Have you guys every raced competitively?” Hahaha. Right. Apparently I had one of top three lap times for a girl!

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