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Updated Body-for-LIFE

image I just submitted an 8 month update to the Body-for-LIFE challenge so they don’t forget about me. Now it is out of my hands. A year after making the commitment to live healthier I am proud to report I didn’t do so bad. They announce the winners in January. One female winner in my age group and one female winner overall. I want to say something meaningful about the experience like ‘I feel like I already won’ but I will have to do that later. Right now I still kind of want to win something. I think sometimes I am afraid to admit what I really want out loud because I can’t stand the possibility of disappointment. But I think if you state your goals clearly and regularly you are more likely to give them your best efforts. Sometimes the hardest thing about achieving a goal is conquering your own fear of failure. So I think the more practice I get facing those fears head on the better off I will be.

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