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What Are My Long Term Goals?

your_goalThe other day a guy at CrossFit mentioned he had come across my website and wanted to make a suggestion. He said ‘you seem to make short term goals and conquer them and that is great but maybe you should set some long term goals too’. Of course, my immediate response was ‘I have set long term goals. They are in there  somewhere in there.’ But are they? To tell you the truth after a year of this thing I can’t even remember. I added some, removed some, and changed them so many times that I am not sure what they are anymore. Probably not a good thing. I am accomplishing a lot but to what end?  I am thinking it is the time of year where I need to go back and read my archives and re-evaluate what I am doing to make sure I am still on the right track. I am also thinking this site needs an update and maybe a little bit of reorganizing so both the long term and short term goals are easy to get back to. Any suggestions are welcome.

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