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Date Night

blueman My husband and I decided a month or two ago to make every Thursday night a date night. We alternate who makes the plans. Todd was the genius behind racing those go karts. Last night was my turn. First we went to dinner at Tag in downtown Denver. We ordered something called Omakase which apparently means chef’s choice. It was like Iron Chef. Four different chefs made up a dish and then we judged which was the best based on presentation, taste, and creativity. They invited us into the kitchen to meet the head chef (and owner) and announce the winner. The food was AWESOME. Afterward I took Todd to see Blue Man Group. What a riot! My favorite part is when they stop what they are doing to harass the people who arrive late. Hahaha. I think maybe it brings back memories of a class I had in college in an auditorium called Math 100 which seats hundreds of students. If you weren’t in your seat when the professor was ready to go he would kick you out in front of everybody. It wasn’t so funny then but it is now. Hehehe.

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