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No Sugar Challenge

I heard a rumor that my gym might have a No Sugar challenge in January. I hope so. I would definitely get in on that. I can barely make it one week much less a month. Sometimes I can barely make it through one day. I wish I could blame it on the holidays but it is equally bad year round. My family had “cookie day” on Sunday. It was so much fun to make cookies and give them out to the neighbors. But I couldn’t bring myself to give them ALL to the neighbors. (One for me… one for them, two for me… one for them). Tastes so good. A few hours of being really hyper followed by a two day cookie hangover. I used to think it was totally worth it. Now I think it would make more sense to choose feeling good for the two days than the couple hours.

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Updated Body-for-LIFE

image I just submitted an 8 month update to the Body-for-LIFE challenge so they don’t forget about me. Now it is out of my hands. A year after making the commitment to live healthier I am proud to report I didn’t do so bad. They announce the winners in January. One female winner in my age group and one female winner overall. I want to say something meaningful about the experience like ‘I feel like I already won’ but I will have to do that later. Right now I still kind of want to win something. I think sometimes I am afraid to admit what I really want out loud because I can’t stand the possibility of disappointment. But I think if you state your goals clearly and regularly you are more likely to give them your best efforts. Sometimes the hardest thing about achieving a goal is conquering your own fear of failure. So I think the more practice I get facing those fears head on the better off I will be.

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Chips and salsa

chips-and-salsa After eating a half bag of tortilla chips for lunch my first CrossFit workout after vacation was as many rounds of 7 knee-to-elbows, 11 box jumps, and 21 double unders in 20 minutes. A harsh reminder of the importance of eating right. I think I am gonna go to bed now.

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Back to the workouts after a long break

For 9 days the closest I got to a workout was walking to town to get dinner. Volleyball was a little rough last night. We only had 3 people in a 4s league so I even had extra work to do. CrossFit today should be… interesting.toddnkaren

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Back to the grind…

Yesterday morning I put on boardshorts and a t-shirt and ate breakfast by the beach overlooking the ocean and the boat dock… beachRight now I am at home in a ratty sweatshirt and sweatpants with a blanket over me about to start work. Sigh…


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