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Get back up

deadlift31 After dead lifting a little too much with an already sore back, not working out for a week, and then laying in bed for most of yesterday totally sick to my stomach I realized I had let Goal 1 fall apart totally. After cruising through that first week I let up. And in the past week I reversed the progress made during that first one. Now in order to reach my goal I would need to lose 7 pounds in the next 11 days. I am not willing to do that. There are more health and performance risks than benefits gained. So instead I changed my deadline. I want to reach that goal by the time I do the last workout for Sectionals which gives me almost to the end of April. Just in time for summer! No time to put my head down or have regrets. Just need to get back on it. I got really lucky actually. My back was so sore I decided not to risk injury by redoing the first workout. But they extended this one another week so I still have time. Either tomorrow or Saturday will be my chance to improve my score on Workout 1. Game on.

Days left: 32
Weight: 142

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