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Happy 90th Birthday Grandma!

”Rose’s Roses” – by Karen Ramirez

Grandma, for your 90th birthday I wanted to give you something to brighten up your room a little bit. Something that would remind you everyday that there are many people in your life that you inspire – people who love you and think of you all the time even though they can’t always be with you.

I started with 5 colors: red, yellow, green, white, and black and a blank canvas.

I found a time lapse on YouTube to mimic and started with the background. Then I added the first rose…

background 2DSC03865

…then a second… then a third…and finally put on a few finishing touches…


…until I finally ended up with a painting for your room. “Rose’s Roses”.


Thank you so much for inspiring me to always want to be a better person. You are always with me and always will be even when you are not there in person. I love you very much. – Karen

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