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Effects_of_sleep_deprivationYes! I slept 9 hours! And I could have kept on sleeping but had a lot to do today. Still had weird dreams but I don’t remember any of them. No terrible nightmares like last night that I can recall. Today was the worst day as far as feeling the effects of not eating sugary foods though. I felt horrible during our workout even during the warm up. We laid on our backs to stretch and I didn’t want to get up. I think I am starting to get over the withdrawal though. I feel a little better tonight.

Right on track with the food. Probably the most interesting and creative food I’ve tried is Cinnamon Sweet Potato Ice Cream made with a sweet potato, coconut milk, vanilla, and cinnamon. Not something I would normally make (as I usually require chunks of cookie dough in my ice cream) but it is surprising what starts to taste good during a challenge like this.

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Here we go again…

ProjectJacked_TShirt1-1024x921This weekend kicked off a diet challenge at our gym. This time it wasn’t me wanting to get on a health kick, though. It was Todd! I just signed up to be supportive. I am glad I did though (or will be anyway). I sat around on my butt all winter nursing my shoulder and consoling myself with donuts and candy bars. So happy to be back to CrossFit!

Saturday started with a 7:30am weigh-in, body measurements, before photos, and 20 minutes of torture (rounds of 5 deadlifts, 7 burpee pull-ups, 10 KB swings, 12 box jumps). For the next two weeks we are to follow the Paleo Diet, log our food, water, workouts, sleep, and supplements. Then we are on our own for two weeks. At the end we retake our body measurements and photos and perform the same workout.

Not everybody is in this challenge to lose weight. Some just want to feel better. Some want to see what effect it has on performance in CrossFit or other sports. Some joined with friends or family. Some were just curious about it, And some, like me, for all of the above!

The junk food withdrawal was bad yesterday. I felt exhausted and restless at the same time. I wanted so badly to sleep but was up all night with weird bad dreams. In the worst one I was on an airplane when the pilots came out and told us to grab handles that had fallen from the overhead bins. When we did the airplane took a  quick nosedive. For a few seconds my mind was convinced that I was experiencing my last few moments of life. Terrifying. I was fine once I knew it was a dream but never got back to sleep. It was 2:00am.

As of tonight we are required to get 8 hours of sleep and I could definitely use it. Though exhausted I have still been hyper-productive all day. Hopefully tonight I can stabilize a little and get some rest.

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