22 Miles

DSCN3844Despite planning to climb Longs Peak this weekend I still agreed to go mountain biking with Todd today. Only instead of our normal 10-15 miles we did a 22 mile loop at Buffalo Creek that took 4 hours. I was feeling pretty good until about the last mile of the last climb when my legs did not want to work anymore. Slow and steady in a low gear I somehow made it up the rest of the way. Totally worth it too. The trail was gorgeous and the payoff at the end of the climb was a full 8 miles of gradual down hill. It was so fun winding in and out of the trees and around the boulders that I forgot how tired I was. (I remember now though).

The first part was through the area destroyed by the Hayman Fire. A little creepy but fun trail surrounded by wildflowers and great views.

Much of the trail was in the trees and not terribly steep.


Then for the best part. Coasting down the hill.


We also met two very nice guys at the trailhead and ended up joining them for a late lunch at a place called The Buck Snort Saloon. One of the guy’s name is Charlie Brown. No kidding. Great guys though. Looks like we may end up going riding with them again sometime.

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