30 Days of Biggest Loser

biggest_loserBeing hurt is making me bored out of my mind in the diet and exercise department. I decided I need something different to keep my attention longer than a couple days. My sister mentioned she is checking out this jump start book put out by the Biggest Loser. It spells out 30 days of meals and exercises. She’s lost 9 pounds so far. Well, what the hell. 9 pounds is about all I’d need. I’ll consider it a 30 day experiment. The diet has slight differences from Paleo but when you just had double pepperoni pizza and girl scout cookies they don’t seem too bad. And exercise-wise, any movement I can do that doesn’t hurt will be welcome at this point.

So, I started it this morning. First workout was 20 minutes of walking on the treadmill followed by stretching. Since that isn’t nearly enough to break a sweat I put my knee in a brace and set the incline as high as it goes. Kind of a test to see how bad it hurts afterward. I am icing it now. So far so good.

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