A Great Birthday

Apr3_happy-birthday-cake Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday, everyone! I had a great day! First of all, I didn’t wake up and workout. What a treat! Todd and I went to breakfast at Lucille’s in Boulder. The beignets were delicious! Then we headed to Black Hawk to play some Black Jack. I would love to say we won a bunch of money but… we played for three hours and ended up losing $50 a piece. But hey, we came home with half of what we went with so… cannot complain. Next we went shopping and bought what I had planned to since January. A brand new pair of Lucky Jeans! I had to try on five pairs before I knew what size I am now. I am a 27/28. That is roughly a size 6! Finally, we intended to see Clash of the Titans but the ticket line out the door! FORGET IT! We went home and curled up in our newly finished basement for a movie instead. And we ate WAY too much junk food and candy. Blech! I feel so gross! I need some fruit and vegetables! I had planned to take the whole weekend off from healthy eating but the way I feel after all that candy… I don’t even want another day off. I think I am going to go for a run. But first I am going back to bed.

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