Barbecues and World Cup Finals

Days to CrossFit Games: 4

Saturday night I went over to my sister’s along with 35 people or so. My stepmom’s entire family, a few from my mom’s family, and my brother-in-law’s parents bombarded her house for several hours. It was my 4th barbecue in less than 2 weeks. Luckily Kim spared us the burgers and fed us Mexican food instead. Mmmm. This photo is my stepmom Gayle’s four kids and their kids plus my mom’s mom on the lower left and my sister and I over there on the right with our boys. familypicYesterday Todd’s family came over to watch the World Cup finals. We grilled burgers. Hahaha. That makes the 5th! Anyway, Todd and his sister were pretty elite soccer players and I will pretty much watch the finals of any sporting event. But that wasn’t soccer as much as it was 2 hours of sprinting with brief stints of Tae Kwon Do. And to demonstrate the flying chest kick…

On the bright side, none of the players from Spain had to fake any of their injuries. ‘Your Kung Fu is strong, Grasshopper, but not strong enough’. Hiyeee ya!’

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