Bedroom Project: The layout and the goal

9_Bedroom layoutSince the layout is a little strange we are going to design the bedroom the same way you would design a kitchen. Todd drew the layout. We’ll add measurements, take it to Lowe’s, and order what we need that will fit.

The goal is to have the bedroom looking like a bedroom again by February 28th. That’s Todd’s birthday.

Updates in local news:
1. Very exciting Bronco game yesterday! Can’t believe Tebow pulled it off at the last minute AGAIN and in the very first play of overtime! Woo hoo!

2. Just found out a couple was attacked with a bomb right by our neighborhood this weekend. Best wishes to both of them and their families. The poor woman had just recovered from having her lips bitten off by a dog at an animal hospital. We hope they recover quickly and wish her and her husband and their families the best.

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