It’s Been Awhile

updateSorry to disappear for a bit. I guess I just needed a little break. Some time to reflect on last year. Here is a very quick update on what’s been going on.

Winter Training Camp – Challenging. I got to work my butt off for 4 days. As a bonus I learned how to roll around on lacrosse balls to basically give myself the benefits of a deep tissue massage. I also learned that the reservoir of energy runs deeper than I  thought. I am really glad I went.

Other CrossFit Training – In the past couple months I have been injured perpetually and sick for 2 weeks. I am finally starting to feel healthy again though.

Body-For-Life Winner – Not me. Totally disappointed but also relieved that the waiting is finally over and still proud of what I accomplished last year. Maybe I’ll get brave and post my photos sometime.

No Sugar Challenge – I think I survived. I will probably never do that again.
House – Today a guy is coming over to hang up our crown molding in the basement.
Work – Love my new project but it looks like I may only be able to work on it part time.
Date Night – Still doing date night every Thursday. So many restaurants so little time….

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