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The Dentist

timmytooth In totally unrelated news I had a dentist appointment this morning. I love my dentist office in Boulder. The whole side of the building is windows so when you sit in the chair you have an expansive view of the Flatirons. The chair itself is a plush leather massage chair that slowly kneads your back while you get your teeth cleaned. This morning I was thinking, I can’t believe insurance pays for me to take a nap in a massage chair while someone else cleans my teeth. I felt like royalty. Seriously, if they didn’t have to scrape the enamel with that tiny sickle it would be like getting a pedicure.

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Day 10: Sleep Number

Day16_SleepNumber Last night was our first night on our new Sleep Number bed. After getting about 4-5 hours a night for the past several weeks I finally got a good night sleep. Good thing too because I was getting pretty crabby.

Apparently people either love everything about the bed or think it is the worst ever. My dad has one friend who put his in a spare room and bought a Tempur-pedic. He has another friend who loves it so much she set a separate sleep number for her dog’s side of the bed. The jury is still out for us. Apparently it takes awhile to fall into one camp or the other. But I have been having pain in my knee, hip, and lower back from a tight IT band and our other bed was so hard it made things worse. I tossed and turned and kept Todd up all night. So for me this bed was an big pain relief. So far so good.

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New Year’s Eve – 2009

imageTODAY’S CHALLENGE was to do something creative to kick off the project. Unfortunately, a dry throat and aching muscles kept me up last night and I woke up too sick to do much.

However, my suffering inspired my husband Todd and I to buy a new bed. We dragged ourselves to Select Comfort and laid around in Sleep Number beds all afternoon. The result was the perfect complement to the “Change Myself” phase of the project – the promise of a better night’s sleep. It should arrive in two weeks!

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