Chickenpox? Are you serious?

shingles Did you know it is possible to get a resurgence of chicken pox just from putting a lot of stress on your body? I didn’t. Apparently that is what “shingles” is. Luckily you only get it in a small isolated area and once you start the medicine you are no longer contagious. Otherwise I would not be able to go to CrossFit tryouts today. I thought the doctor was joking. They spray tanned me for my after photos last week so I thought I was just having some kind of reaction to that. But no. Shingles. Every time my shirt brushes against the itchy patch on my side it is like torture. Not a distraction I want to have during 3 grueling workouts today. Major bummer. But whatever. I just need to suck it up and still kick butt today.

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