Creative workouts

One of the best things about doing CrossFit is that you work extremely hard but rarely in exactly the same way. The workout yesterday was very creative, inspired by the wall and rope climbs in California.

The 6 ft wall and 20 ft rope climb for the individual competition in LA:

I want to learn how to dive over the wall head first. It looks way more fun:

Our inspired workout yesterday:

5 rounds for time of:
Run 200m
Wall climb plus 5 burpees **
Wall climb plus 5 burpees
Wall climb plus 3 heavy dead lifts
Wall climb plus 3 heavy dead lifts
1 rope climb

It took me just under 25 minutes, about the same amount of time as our last workout out on the track in California. I definitely need a few more of the longer ones. Getting used to the 5 minute workouts makes the 25 minute ones feel like they are never going to end.

** We climbed over the rail outside the building and drop down over the concrete wall. Then we had to hoist ourselves back up the wall and over the rail.

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