Day 1: One month life makeover

life-changeWhen I feel like I am having a life crisis I start to crave change in a major way. A vacation, a change of scenery, a new experience. Even something as simple as a haircut might make me feel better. But sometimes I need more. So its time to make changes and set some goals for myself again.

The first thing to fall apart when I am frustrated, anxious, sad, even just bored is my diet. I become fueled entirely by junk food and Diet Coke. Today I am starting a 24 day diet challenge. 10 days to cut the crap. 14 days to figure out how to keep going once it is over.

It is a good place to start but diet and fitness are not life. They are a path to better living. There is a lot more to life that I don’t take advantage of. When I am tired, bored, or my mind races I flip on the tube and veg. The TV is like my OFF button. I can block out the guilt of not being productive with car chases and gunfire.

Just like food, it is okay to enjoy TV but not good to abuse it. So for the next 6 days there will be no TV, no movies, no YouTube videos. I think I can be productive and yet still have more time to relax if I keep focused and clear. The goal is not to fill up every spare minute with productivity but to use my free time to enhance my quality of life a little. To remind myself how to slow down and relax without shutting down completely.

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