Day 12: Save the tomatoes


From what I hear, the weather has hit two opposite records in Denver. 13 days in a row at 90+ degrees and 13 days in a row of thunderstorms. While in Crested Butte there was not much I could do about my tomato plants getting fried by the sun and trampled by rain and hail every day. Every branch was bent in half and laying on the ground by the time we returned. It looked like road kill. I didn’t even bother to help them. But this morning I read that no matter how broken it is, a tomato plant will fight for itself to the end. With a little care they can heal themselves, become strong again, and go on to bear amazing delicious fruits. I like that. So this morning I decided to go on a mission to save them. They look more like puppets than plants at the moment but considering I almost threw them in the garbage if I can get a single tomato from them I will be happy. It would be an expensive tomato but  worth it.

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