Day 15: Bullied and The Flatirons Hike

BULLIED: To continue from yesterday’s post, long ago at a different company I reported a case of harassment. I really didn’t want to bring it up. It was embarrassing. I thought I could handle it by using reason. And I did NOT want to be that girl. I endured for well over a year. But it was out of control and I was kinda getting a little bit scared. So finally I decided to say something.

I was told it would be my word against his. There is no proof so we really can’t take sides. Then I was given many reasons why working for that company was amazing and I should focus on those. Lastly I was told – on the off chance I wasn’t just overreacting – that the guy was probably just trying to get a rise out of me. Ignore him. He’ll get bored and leave you alone. I thought to myself, Remember this conversation when I’m found in a ditch somewhere.

Parents don’t tell your kids that if they ignore bullies and problems they’ll go away. Your kids will grow up and tell others the same nonsense. Is that what you would do if someone walked into your office and shoved you? Blocked your doorway so you couldn’t leave? Bumped into you every time you walked by? For a year? Possibly even put a hole in your tire? Doubtful. Tomorrow I will tell you what you get when you ignore bullies as well as what I think companies should teach in classes about harassment.

THE FLATIRONS HIKE: The weather is definitely cooperating with these goals. 70-80 and sunny every day. Day 15 was another amazing day for a hike. My buddy Sam and I hiked the first and second Flatiron. It is so easy to get lost on that trail! I think because there are false trails everywhere. I have only reached the top on about half of my attempts. Got lost a few times. It was closed a few times for bats or weather.

My previous attempt with Sam it was closed but we scrambled the rock field and tried to get up there anyway. No dice. And we almost caused a rock slide with me on it. An hour hike turned into about a four hour adventure. But this time, SUCCESS! And we only got mildly lost once on the way back. 🙂

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