Day 10: Sleep Number

Day16_SleepNumber Last night was our first night on our new Sleep Number bed. After getting about 4-5 hours a night for the past several weeks I finally got a good night sleep. Good thing too because I was getting pretty crabby.

Apparently people either love everything about the bed or think it is the worst ever. My dad has one friend who put his in a spare room and bought a Tempur-pedic. He has another friend who loves it so much she set a separate sleep number for her dog’s side of the bed. The jury is still out for us. Apparently it takes awhile to fall into one camp or the other. But I have been having pain in my knee, hip, and lower back from a tight IT band and our other bed was so hard it made things worse. I tossed and turned and kept Todd up all night. So for me this bed was an big pain relief. So far so good.

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