Day 17: Plagued with weird injuries

tips-for-your-eye-vision-careAdvocare challenge is going strong. Sadly, I won’t know if it helped my performance until I can really get after it again. And it will be awhile. My knee is screaming after a really light workout last night. My shoulders and elbows are in pain under load. And the latest totally unrelated injury is that I have a scratch on my eyeball. What the hell?! Even after the doctor found the scratch he continued to shine a very bright light in my eye until it burned. I wish I had known what he was examining. I could have told him the spot on my right eye is an eye-freckle I have had since birth – unrelated to the scratch. Anyway, time to back off for awhile and let my body and mind recover from a year and a half of taking a beating. Need to set aside at least a solid month to heal and work out all the kinks. That means no triathlon at the end of August and possibly no more competitions this year. Seems like yoga might help so I might give that a try if my knee stops hurting. In the meantime I can focus on getting the landscaping finished and enjoying the outdoors as much as I can.

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