Day 3: No Repeats

Days to Colorado CrossFit Open: 17

cleannjerkTHE WORKOUT: Day 3
Clean and Jerk to find a 1 rep max
My lifts:  120  125  130  135  140   (failed at 145)

Workout of the Day (WOD)
5 rounds for time:
15 overhead plate lunges @ 25#
15 burpees
My time: 8:20

For the lift, 140 was a personal record! For the workout, my burpees are relatively slow so I really tried to book it on the lunges which worked well. The less time I spend with weight over my head the better off I am. I did not rest so I was happy with my time. But I let Rosanne know that I fully expected her go faster. Not only did she accept the challenge but she did it in under 7 minutes! What a stud!


I have set a new goal for my 20 days of Paleo/Zone. No two dinners will be alike. This will force me to use a variety of healthy recipes to make sure I don’t get stuck in a rut of eating the same thing every night.

Tonight I made a bison burger and used portabella mushrooms as a bun. Mmmm.

1 lb grass=fed ground bison meat makes 2 or 3 large burgers

To that I added:
A large egg
Almond meal
Diced green chilies
McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning
Kosher salt
Chili powder
Cayenne pepper (very tiny amount)
(Sorry, I didn’t measure anything. I just guessed).

I skimped on the toppings to better enjoy the flavor of the burger itself:
1/4 of a small avocado
Tomato slices
Slices of a Claussen dill pickle

You can warm up the mushroom “buns” on the grill, the stove, but they seem to come out best when you toast them in the convection oven. They get warm all the way through without getting soggy. The tops dry out so they are not too slippery to pick it up like a burger.

The salad:
Mixed greens
Granny smith apple
Dried cranberries
(Avocado tastes good with this I put some on my burger so I left it out).


  1. Julie Petro Said,

    August 11, 2010 @ 5:36 pm

    Nice work on those clean&jerks, Karen! That workout kicked my booty but dang I felt great afterward.

    I never thought about using portabellas as a burger bun – that’s a good idea. Now are you eating any dairy at all, butter, cream, etc? I’m trying to draw a distinction between paleo and “primal” and I think it’s mostly that “primal” eating, a la Mark Sisson, grudgingly allows for some high-fat dairy, as long as it’s tolerated, since it doesn’t affect the insulin levels much. I loves me some cheese but I’m starting to think I can’t really handle it. It’s not as devastating a realization as I thought it might be. But my diet’s changed so much in the past few months, what’s one more thing, right?

  2. Karen Ramirez Said,

    August 12, 2010 @ 9:50 am

    For these 20 days I have cut out cheese and milk. Zone allows it but Paleo doesn’t. A little butter to cook with is tolerated but haven’t needed it yet. After the Open I may toy with allowing a bit of dairy back in to see how it makes me feel. I have heard CrossFitters say they perform better without it. I have also heard about CrossFitters that drink a gallon of whole milk a day so I guess I will just have to try different things and see for myself. 🙂

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