Day 4: The Hike and The Diet

THE HIKE: Day 4 was a foggy fun-filled hike up to Royal Arch with my buddies. The fog was spooky. Janet said she felt like we were walking through Twilight. The werewolves are out here somewhere…

Janet and Tiffany helped mark the trail with the other dozen cairns. You don’t want to get lost in vampire territory.


Tiffany reached the top. Bite-free.


Check out those amazing views behind us!


After we took that picture we fell backward off the cliff and disappeared into the fog. (Or maybe we just walked down but the first way sounds a lot cooler).

What a great start way to a great day! Spent the rest of the day shopping and preparing meals. Finished it off with Todd by making a healthy dinner for our long lost buddies Mike and Beth. Taco and chicken fajita salad bar. Delicious!

THE DIET: Pretty much the same as any diet. Don’t eat anything you want. Nitpick about every detail.

For figuring out my alleged food allergy out Phase I started with no sugars, sweeteners, or substitutes, no grains, and no dairy. After that I am to reintroduce one thing at a time for 1-2 weeks until I notice a reaction. I’m pretty sure I am going to start by re-introducing chocolate and cocktails on Halloween although I’m not sure that is supposed to be part of the plan.

One thing making it far less miserable is that Todd decided to join me! He is going to see if he survive 10 days. Only one thing really threatens to stand in his way. Our friends engagement party this weekend has a dessert table. Will we survive? We shall see.

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