Ten Most Popular Resolutions

Day5_Karen SEVERAL PEOPLE have pinged me to ask what my resolutions actually are. The answer is… all of them. The following is a list of what appears to be the 10 Most Popular Resolutions and I am going to tackle them all on some level during the next 12 weeks:

1. Eat right/ get fit / lose weight 
2. Get better organized
3. Accomplish something major at work
4. Better contact with friends and family / reconnect with old friends
5. Tackle a health issue
6. Learn a foreign language
7. Learn something (else) new
8. Volunteer or do charity work
9. Follow through on a childhood dream
10. Follow through on New Year’s Resolutions 

A few others are also very popular but do not apply to me:

1. Quit smoking – I have never smoked.
2. Quit drinking – I stopped drinking excessively several years ago.
3. Finances – Todd stays on top of that.

If you see any obvious popular ones I have missed please let me know!

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