Day 5 – Boat ride, Selvatura, night walk

Day 5
7:00am – Breakfast buffet in the lovely Tabacon Resort’s restaurant. Checked out and headed for the Cloud Forrest.

9:00am – Took a boat ride across Lake Arenal with a great views of the volcano and surrounding jungles. Had the boat to ourselves. Driver stayed along the shore helping us look for birds. Private comfortable taxi ride with a man and his 10 year old son Marconi through the countryside to Monteverde.

12:00pm – Lunch at our Hotel Sapo Dorado. PB&J with homemade peanut butter. Nap.

2:00pm – Tour in the Selvatura National Forest of a large butterfly habitat, a reptile area with mostly local poisonous snakes and frogs, and a hummingbird garden with dozens of different types large and tiny.

5:20pm – Night walk looking for nocturnal animals and sleeping birds. Saw a sloth and an opossum, a toucan and other birds, bugs, bats, a salamander, taranchulas, and a white owl. Funnel web spider shot juice out of its butt at Todd. Ten year old girl that kept scaring the animals away got hers when a cricket got stuck in her jacket. Not sure who was jumping more, her or her dad.

8:00pm Dinner at an outdoor restaurant built around the top of a huge fig tree called The Treehouse Restaurant. Todd had pizza and I had a half avocado stuffed with shrimp nuts and raisins and a bowl of onion soup as a break from beans and rice.


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