Day 5: The Juice and The Lazy River

THE JUICE: One theory is that my gut pains are caused by excess bacteria so I did what you with a tract infection. I drank a full bottle of unsweetened cranberry juice. Yuck! Straight acid water. Hard to believe they package it and sell it as food.

But it works, at least for UTIs. Drinking that stuff will kill everything including your will to live. That first shot in the morning right after you brush your teeth is a special kind of suffering.

I do feel different today though. Better? I’m not sure but definitely different. We’ll stay on this allergy diet track and see what happens.

THE LAZY RIVER: The original plan was to go for a run but instead I made Todd do his 20 minute walk in the lazy river at the rec. It is bad enough to sit at home with an injured back while you’re wife is outside running around. It would be another level of depressing to walk in circles for 20 minutes with screaming kids and their great grandparents by yourself. But together we have a nice walk and a chat and it seems to help the back pain.

I can already hear him saying that there is nothing to prove it help anything. True statement. No proof. Only evidence. Same for the diet. Same for the cranberry juice. We don’t KNOW anything. We are guessing.

That is a perfect reason to test things out. We can either speculate about what will or will not make us healthier but do nothing. OR we can investigate every avenue. Try stuff. Gather evidence. Decide for yourself. It may never be conclusive but we can’t be so worried about wasting time on the wrong thing that we do nothing. The one thing I learned from watching crime shows on TV. Get out there and follow the evidence.

Starting weight: 148
Weight: 144
Competition weight: 138

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