The Junk Food Athlete

KarenMy husband once called me a paradox. I live a long list of inconsistencies that need sorting out starting with this one. I love health and fitness, nutrition, sports, being outdoors, and anything active or adventurous. Sometimes I even think about making a career of it some day.

The irony is that I am also the worst junk food monger you’ll ever meet. Fast food, cookies, candy = yum. I am also wearing out my spot on our couch in front of the TV. In college I felt guilty and fought against these tendencies with some pretty bad behaviors (a story for later).

The older I became, the more free I felt to do whatever I wanted without worrying about the consequences. I thought “I am an adult now so if I want to have Double Stuffed Oreos and a Diet Coke and watch a movie for breakfast that’s my prerogative.” And so I did.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) doing so makes me feel like crap – even more so than the average person (another story for later). It also means that when I am not active I gain weight quickly – which has led me to my current weight and all time high: 157 lbs

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