Day 58: Head vs Hands in Toes to Bar

Day64_toe_to_barNormally during a CrossFit workout I tell myself “you can do more!” and “keep going!” while there is always an overwhelming desire to stop. Yesterday I had a very different mantra. Mostly expletives. The workout was three rounds as fast as you can of hanging from a bar and touching it with your toes 15 times, 10 dead lifts at 155#, and 20 double unders. All three are normally strengths for me. But I was totally preoccupied with a thick blister on the joint of each ring finger from trying to do pull ups the previous day. So during the workout all I said to myself was “the blisters are pinching me”. I couldn’t hang from the bar more than a few seconds and couldn’t grip the dead lift bar.  I was SO frustrated. In retrospect I was really being a baby. The stuff in my head turned what should have been a great workout into a terrible performance. I hear some people wear gloves during these workouts which I tried once but to be honest it doesn’t work very well. Plus I read a saying among the CrossFit community which basically says that if you wear gloves to workout in make sure they match your purse.

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