Day 59: The Craigslist Adventure

Day65_craigslist Craigslist is instrumental to getting more organized. It is our constant online garage sale. This week I sold a set of glass bookshelves that I have been storing for ten years. The buyer paid $20 extra for us to deliver them to a part of town that turned out to be… a lot different than Boulder. The guy who opened the door looked at us like we were from outer space. We were obviously not from the neighborhood. It reminded me of Guess Who when the daughter sees Ashton Kutcher and asks “Are we being audited?”. The guy figured out who we were but could not help unload the shelves from the car because he was under house arrest. I wanted to ask what he did but decided against it. Despite being so totally out of our element they were very nice and I found myself wanting to join the parents who were sitting on the couch playing Ms Pacman. Games are amazing these days but sometimes I am happy just eating pellets in a 2D maze.

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