Day 7: The Question and The Run

THE QUESTION: My friend Lee asked a question. If I am taking a break from CrossFit then why do the stats on these posts list a ‘competition weight’? Great question. Feel free to ask more. A lot goes on in this head.

That number is what I typically weigh during competitions. Every time I am about to compete I eat cleanly for a week or two and immediately drop 5 pounds. I think there is a weight a person’s body naturally wants to be for optimal performance in sports but also in life. And I have always thought I feel best, train best, and perform best right around my competition weight.

So the answer is: My plan for November is to see if my perceived optimal weight actually makes a difference not only during training but in normal life. But first I have to get there which automatically makes it a goal for October. Now I need to find out the answer to: does exercise speed up weight loss in ketosis? This is way I can implement a keto diet this month.

By the way, I don’t think the normal five pounds I drop and gain so quickly is real weight. I read that you can carry more than 10 lbs of waste in your guts. Gross! But the five I gained on top of that makes it harder to get my jeans on so I’m pretty sure that’s real. It has been a week and as usual I’m down five. Now I’m targeting the five real.

THE RUN: Message to the four women who stood side by side blocking the sidewalk and watching me approach but not bothering to allow me to pass: This time I went around. Next time Red Rover is sending me right over.

THE DJ: Can’t let today go by without mentioning how nice it was having Todd playing DJ while I made dinner last night. It reminded me of one of our very first dates just sitting together and listening to music all night. He didn’t even mock me while I was dancing around the kitchen singing every word of every song. (I’m sure the music helped drown me out). Fun night!

Do I lose credibility as a human being if I heard a song before Todd came home and I liked it but found out it was Justin Bieber? I’m going to say “No”. I have a theory he is not the devil. So far it is just a theory. I guess we’ll see.

Starting weight: 148
Weight: 143.5
Competition weight: 138

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