Day 65: Thrusters

Day71_annie-thrusters Days Left: 20

Today’s CrossFit Workout:
Thrusters with 65# (95# for boys) 
Do 1 thruster during minute 1
Do 2 thrusters during minute 2
Do 3 thrusters during minute 3 …

The goal is to keep going until you can’t finish the number of thrusters required in that minute. It started off easy but got a lot harder as the reps increased and the rest decreased. In minute 12 my arms and legs quit. After 11 thrusters I dropped the bar and didn’t pick it up in time to finish the last one. Bummer. Another guy wanted 15 but didn’t think he could make it. After having rested a couple minutes, me and another guy picked our bars back up and did the last set to help motivate him to finish. So while I ended up doing about 90 in 15 minutes that guy did 120!

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