Day 8: Tenderloin and West Magnolia

Days to Colorado CrossFit Open: 12


People seem to shy away from healthy food because of the expense of individual items. Tonight I treated myself to grass-fed bison tenderloin on a bed of sautéed mushrooms. Beef tenderloin at the grocery store is about $25.00 per pound. Outrageous, right? But unless you plan to eat a whole pound of beef by yourself, break it down to the cost of dinner instead of the cost of items per pound. Obviously you can do better by choosing cheaper cuts of meat but splurging a little on one item at dinner from time to time is not nearly as bad as it looks. My salad was cucumber and tomatoes on spinach. Blueberries for dessert. Nothing but water to drink.

Cost of this dinner:
Tenderloin: 25.00 per lb.  4 oz = 6.25
Mushrooms: 1.99 package. Ate half = 1.00
Tomatoes: 1.99 package. Ate a fourth = 0.50
Cucumber: 0.50 each. Ate half = 0.25
Spinach: 2.00 large bin. Tiny handful = 0.25
Blueberries: 2.50 package. Ate a fourth = 0.65
Water = 0.00

Total cost of dinner: $8.90

One margarita at West End Tavern on Saturday:
$8.00 plus a 20% tip = $9.60


We woke up early to go mountain biking by Nederland with neighbor Joe this morning. West Magnolia is a very short trail so we thought it might perfect for us this weekend. I am exhausted and Todd is trying to recover from a cold.


The warm up was about a half mile of all downhill. Not a good thing. The other side was extremely steep and rocky. We made it part way but it got so steep we finally had to walk parts of it. After that it was a lot of up and down and winding through the trees. Fun quick trail.

After we got home neither one of us felt very good so we were pretty useless the rest of the day.

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