Day 8: The Rules. The Hike. My Car.

THE RULES: Another clarification was requested. In CrossFit we sprint. So if I sprint this month am I’m cheating? Of course not. Almost any workout could arguably be ‘constantly varied at high intensity’. So what are the rules? I thought about it and decided if CrossFit introduced me to it then its off limits. So no RTFs, AMRAPs, EMOMs, or chippers. No muscle ups, burpees, wall balls, or kipping pull ups.

But YES to regular pull ups, push ups, dips, and jumping rope. Yes to sprinting, circuit training, and lifting weights. Yes to lunges and air squats. So my idea for Day 9’s workout is fair game. After all, movement coordinated to music is more like dancing that CrossFit right? Well since it’s my game, my rules, and I’m the only one playing I say it is a GO!

THE HIKE: I hiked Royal Arch again for Day 8 but since I did that already I needed something different. Who would be up for something crazy? My friend Sam of course! We hiked fast to begin with as I knew we would. Sam just won a triathlon a couple months ago. Fast is her only pace. But just to change things up every so often I would say ‘GO!’ and we’d sprint. Ten sprints total on our way to the top. Time? About 38:30. Round trip: 1:03:57. I’m pretty sure we can beat that.

MY CAR: When i got home my car was smoking. it is leaking coolant. 🙁

Check out Todd! He’s a Stormtrooper in Star Wars Battlefront!

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