Day 9: The Press and The Wobble Baby

THE PRESS: What would the world be like if everyone was the same? If everyone did the same thing and behaved the same way. Boring. Last year when I saw this guy put every plate in the gym  on the leg press (more than 30 plates) and perform this movement I judged rather harshly.

What is he doing?! That’s crazy! But for some reason when I saw it this time I only felt curious. After all, who am I to judge? What looks more ridiculous than me walking around on my hands in the gymnasium like a 12 year old? I’m sure that raises a few questions. Maybe there is a story behind this too. If I had it to do over again I would definitely find out. Next time.

THE IDEA: Speaking of me looking ridiculous, in my last post I mentioned an idea for a workout for Day 9. While I was watching someone do lunges the other day the song ‘Wobble Baby’ came on. Hmmm. Could I keep up? The idea was this. I put this song on and do lunges. When he tells me to ‘wobble’ and to ‘get in there’ I do air squats. When he tells me ‘hey big girl back it up’ the lunges go backward. The goal is to stay in rhythm.

I did it twice. The first time I kept up a little too easily. Failed mission. So I did it again at double the speed. Ack! Go! Go! It was so fast I was laughing while I was gasping for air. The backwards walking lunges stopped walking. Disaster! I really hope nobody saw that. It burned like crazy but I definitely did not keep up. However I’m convinced it is possible. I’ll have to try again.


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