Days 3-6: Prepare the ground

LANDSCAPE: Step 2: Reinforcing the ground
Demolition takes a long time and is not very exciting but I guess you can’t put in concrete before you dig the hole. You have to prepare the foundation.


Concrete alone is too brittle to provide adequate strength for a foundation. It has to be reinforced with rebar to be sure the structure will be stable and support any weight it is intended to support.


TRAINING: Step 2: Reinforcing the ground
Same story applies. Rehabilitating these stupid injuries takes some work but I have to deal with them before I can really begin building. I am working my way up to 3 sets of 30 internal and external rotation on the shoulders and hips and icing every day. I have seen a lot of improvement in just a week. But it is important I have patience and keep reinforcing the ground I plan to build on until it is stronger than it was before.

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