Earn Your Turkey Challenge: Results

It was freezing cold yesterday and I ran most of the 5k race with both shoelaces untied. I still somehow managed to beat my fastest time ever AND get under my goal of 7:30 per mile with a time of 22:59. 6th place in the open division for the first event.finalevent

Worried the run would affect my depth, I did not go for a personal record on squat. I made all three lifts but ended up with a max of 225 instead of going for 235. When I realized the adrenaline was giving me extra power I went for more on the other lifts and scored a personal record of 95 pounds on overhead press and a personal record of 275 on deadlift. A CrossFit Total of 595 landed me in 2nd place in that event. I have to say, the girl who took 1st in this event beat my by 70 pounds!

wallAfter the CrossFit Total we waited patiently for the timed workout to be announced. They raised the hangar door to reveal that they had built a 5 foot wall the length of the entire gym similar to the ones at the Games in California.  The workout was:

15 reps ground to overhead @ 65#
10 times over the wall plus a burpee
3 times climbing up a 15 foot rope
10 times over the wall plus a burpee
15 reps ground to overhead @ 65#

My main goal was not let my nerves give me a heart attack in front of everybody. In my heat I was nearly the last person to finish those first 15 reps. I gained almost no ground on the wall/burpees. But having paced myself a little I was able to fly through the 3 rope climbs and pass the lot for a 1st place finish in the final event.

Third and final rope climb:

Finally, it was an honor and a privilege to be awarded 1st overall for the three events combined. I competed with a great group of hardworking girls and had a total blast. And by the way, many apologies to whoever i kicked when i was flinging my legs over that wall! Here is me and my MBS buddy Samantha up on the podium at 1st and 2nd place:


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