Golf on Sunday was freezing but fun

On Sunday we were invited to play some golf with a few of the MBS crew.

ToddandIGolfIt was more like a dare than an invitation. It was freezing cold and windy which explains why we were the only ones on the course. Our spectators found a way to keep warm. 1 round for time of whatever came to mind:

I am not really much of a golfer but I still managed to outdo my worst game. On this one I putted all the way across the green to a foot from the hole and then missed it.

KarenPutts_fixedThe other day I promised to introduce the girls – my extremely studly workout buddies. From left to right: Mary Finck, Leah Hosburgh, Samantha Griffith, Johanne Snavely, and Jamie, the birthday girl.

MarynLeah   YoNSam_cropped   jamie

When it was hard to concentrate on golf we found other ways to entertain ourselves.


Thanks, Johanne, for getting us all together!

yo_croppedAnd thanks to Dan and Todd for dealing with our constant giggling on the longest 9 holes of golf ever played..


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