Got my MRI and I think I see the problem…

I had my MRI yesterday. It wasn’t too bad. They needle around in your shoulder joint for awhile and shove you in a cadaver drawer for 20 minutes. When it was over I got a CD of the images and I think I see the problem…

2012.01.23 Shoulders

There appears to be paper clip in there. That’ll have to come out. The next one is even worse! My shoulder is sticking out of my neck! (No wonder overhead squats are so hard).

2012.01.23 Shoulders from side

Below, on the left, is the contents of my purse. I see a set of keys, a pocket knife, a rubber band, and a Junior Mint. And I guess, a glow worm? (This one, not this one). The image on the right is, of course, an octopus.

2012.01.23 Shoulders 2 - Purse  2012.01.23 Shoulders 4

I am pretty sure the rest of the images are just plans for a new golf course.

2012.01.23 Shoulders 3

Of course, I will need to confirm all these findings with the doctor on Wednesday and decide what to do next.

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