Injury Report: Sprained hip

hip-girdleLately I have been spending mornings outside on the patio watering the flowers, hiking, biking, or going to the gym instead of bothering to write about anything.

But now that I can barely walk around I will have more time. Sigh. My IT band has been really tight for the past couple months and this week it got worse fast. At some point during GHD sit ups I heard my hip pop a little but didn’t think much of it and pushed right through into workouts the next day.

Basically I did to my hip the equivalent of twisting your own ankle for a week until it is sprained. I am functional and actually I can walk just fine. But if I turn just slightly the wrong way, pain pierces through my leg and lower back like a migraine headache. Bad timing too. I am supposed to run a 5k tomorrow with my sister, Kim, and cousin Anne. I still have hopes that it is just a mild sprain and I will be fine in a couple days but this time I will have to let my body decide instead of my head.

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