Mountain Biking: Heil Valley Ranch

Todd and I went Mountain Biking at Heil Valley Ranch with Neighbor Joe. The loop we did was only about 8 miles and not terribly difficult but it was great to get out.

Todd loves when I take pictures at 8:00 in the morning.


The trail itself we found to be full of large loose rocks. Very bumpy.


The payoff made it worth while though.

There is a smile.


This is right before Joe accidentally tried to do a front flip on his bike on an almost flat part of the trail. With a great recovery he escaped without a scratch.


The real payoff, of course, is going back downhill. I tried to stay off the brakes but with all those big loose rocks it was kinda rough riding on my donkey. The advice I got was to “man up”. He he he.

On the way back to town we made a stop at Amante Coffee in North Boulder and sat on their patio. Very interesting. Dozens of customers and all of them had cycling gear. Boulder’s version of a “biker bar” as Joe said.

Don’t get me wrong, my bike has been good to me. But right after this ride we spent a good part of the day at bike shops in Boulder finding me a new full suspension bike. It should be ready for me on Tuesday!

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