My Plastic Bag Experiment

plastic It is amazing how many plastic bags two people can go through if they are not paying attention. So for the next two weeks I am going to pay attention. No, I don’t think I can save Earth by banning plastic bags at my house. I am not going to be militant, refusing to buy baby carrots because they come in plastic. But I do want to find out how easy it is to just be a little better about it.

I am starting small. For two weeks the plan is to not bring any new plastic bags into the house. The goal is to end up with as close to as many as I start with, reusing what I have. In the meantime I can figure out ways not to use them at all. The three main areas of focus will be:

1. Carrying store bought items (groceries, clothes, etc)
2. Carrying produce
3. Disposing of garbage

It is infinitesimally minor in the grand scheme of overall environmental issues but I figured if I approach it as an interesting experiment rather than an attempt to save the planet it will feel more significant, at least to me.


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